Annual Learning and Teaching Conference: Celebrating 10 years

This year marks the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit’s 10th year of organising the annual learning and teaching conference. To celebrate, we’ve made all of our materials from our previous conferences available on our conference webpage.

We’ve also been looking over our stats and brought together a number of facts for you.

Since the first conference in 2013, we have had:

  • Over 400 different members of staff and students from Aberystwyth University present at the conference
  • Over 1000 attendees

Most sessions by Department:

Our top 10 academic departments presenting at the conference are:

  1. IBERS with 41 sessions
  2. Education with 28 sessions
  3. Lifelong Learning with 26 sessions
  4. Psychology with 21 sessions
  5. Computer Science with 18 sessions
  6. Aberystwyth Business School with 17 sessions
  7. International Politics with 14 sessions
  8. Physics with 13 sessions
  9. Geography and Earth Sciences with 12 sessions
  10. Law and Criminology with 11 sessions

Most sessions by a presenter

We’ve got a tie for first place with the greatest number of sessions run by an academic member of staff. With a total of 8 sessions, we have Education’s Steve Atherton, Psychology’s Antonia Ivaldi and Gareth Norris. Tied in fourth place, with 7 sessions, we have IBERS’ Basil Wolf and Physics and the Graduate School’s Maire Gorman. Big well done to them.

We’re really looking forward to the next 10 years of conferences. We hope you can make the conference between 12 and 14 September with a mixture of online and in-person sessions. Book your place online.

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