Blackboard Tests – Creating Online Assessment Activities for your Students

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Online tests and quizzes can be created for your students using the Tests function in Blackboard. Tests can be provided as a formative method of assessment, as a self-assessment method for students, or as a more formal means of assessing student performance.

The Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit have recently updated our Blackboard Tests guidance, to support staff in providing online assessment activities for students.

Why Use Blackboard Tests in my module?
Benefits to Students:

  • Reinforce learning. Research has shown that tests and quizzes are powerful tools to promote retrieval practice, aid revision and improve learning.
  • Valuable feedback. Blackboard Tests can provide varied, additional feedback opportunities for students.
  • Media rich experience. Videos, images and links to recordings and external resources can be provided within the questions and answers.

    Benefits to Staff:

  • Measure student knowledge. Blackboard Tests are an effective way to gauge student comprehension and progress throughout the course, and to identify any knowledge gaps.
  • Instant marking. Most questions are instantly marked by Blackboard and automatically populate the Grade Centre.
  • Question pools for re-use. Banks of questions can be built up, from which you can draw questions for multiple tests. Questions and tests can also be exported for use in other modules.

    How do I create a Test in Blackboard?
    Follow our guidance on creating a Test, and then deploying a Test in Blackboard.

    Blackboard Tests for Students
    Once you have created and deployed your Test, we recommend that you provide our Blackboard Test taking guidelines to your students.

    If a student experiences any problems when taking the Test, you may need to clear the student’s attempt to enable them to re-take the test.

    If you’d like any further information on this process or have specific questions, then please contact us ( If you are planning to use tests for formal assessment, please do get in touch.

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