NEW Recurring MS Teams Meeting Feature in Blackboard

Today, a new feature has been made available in Blackboard which allows you to create recurring MS Teams meetings.

This new feature works very similarly to the recurring options available in Outlook. As can be seen in the image below, you can now arrange MS Teams meetings through Blackboard based on how often you want them to recur; on what days you want them to recur; and when you would like this recurrence to end.

Students should be encouraged to add this link to their calendars as this will automatically add the whole series to their calendars.

Screenshot showing the options available in the new recurring meetings feature.

When setting up your recurring meeting, please ensure that you include clear information which demonstrates which sessions should be accessed through the link that you have just created.

Table demonstrating which sessions can be accessed through the Teams link

For further details on how to use this new feature, please visit our FAQ.

Continued Professional Development – What’s on Offer?

The Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit offers a number of sessions for Continued Professional Development (CPD) covering a range of topics. We offer sessions in both English and Welsh. Welsh-language sessions will appear in Welsh on the staff training website.
In this blog post, I will detail the range of sessions on offer for you between now and January, who to contact to find out more about them, and how to book a place for a session.
Here is what’s on offer in the coming months:


  • Sessions aimed at Graduate Teaching Assistants, both on Developing your Teaching Practice and on Using MS Teams, Teaching Room Equipment & Synchronous Delivery (English and Welsh language sessions available)
  • A session on Facilitating Intrinsic Motivation in Students – the Self Determination Theory Perspective (English language only)
  • Sessions on E-Learning Essentials: Introductions to Blackboard, TurnitIn, and Panopto (the former in English, the latter two in Welsh)
  • Sessions on Creating Accessible Learning Materials, Learning Environments, and Techniques for Teaching Scientific Subjects as well as Using Jisc Online Surveys (all English language)
  • Two Academy forums on Why and How to Help Students to Reflect on Their Learning, and on Motivation Strategies for Online Learning Engagement

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Additional MS Teams Drop-in Sessions

Following the success of our drop-in sessions on using MS Teams for Learning and Teaching Activities, we have decided to run these sessions throughout October.

These sessions are an informal opportunity to speak with our Online Learning Specialists and to address any queries that may have arisen during the first weeks of term. You’re welcome to ask us for advice on any aspects relating to using MS Teams – from technical advice to advice on using MS Teams for students who are unable to join face-to-face sessions.

*Please note that sessions with an asterisk (*) will be bilingual sessions, and all sessions without an asterisk will run as English-medium sessions.

These drop-in sessions will take place on:

09.10.2020 (10:00-11:00):Join Microsoft Teams Meeting *

13.10.2020 (10:00-11:00): Join Microsoft Teams Meeting *

14.10.2020 (14:00-15:00):Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

16.10.2020 (10:00-11:00):Join Microsoft Teams Meeting *

20.10.2020 (10:00-11:00): Join Microsoft Teams Meeting *

21.10.2020 (14:00-15:00): Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

23.10.2020 (10:00-11:00): Join Microsoft Teams Meeting *

27.10.2020 (10:00-11:00): Join Microsoft Teams Meeting *

28.10.2020 (14:00-15:00): Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

30.10.2020 (10:00-11:00): Join Microsoft Teams Meeting *

MS Teams: Drop-in Sessions

We would like to offer all staff members at the University the opportunity to join us in our drop-in sessions on using MS Teams for Learning and Teaching Activities. These will be an informal opportunity to speak with our Online Learning Specialists and to address any queries that may have arisen during the first weeks of term.

All drop-in sessions will be held via MS Teams and there is no need to book, just click on the links below.

These drop-in sessions will take place on:

06.10.2020 (10:00-11:00): Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

07.10.2020 (14:00-15:00): Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

09.10.2020 (10:00-11:00): Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

13.10.2020 (10:00-11:00): Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

14.10.2020 (14:00-15:00): Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

16.10.2020 (10:00-11:00): Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

We hope that these sessions will provide you with an opportunity to clarify any questions about your teaching needs.