Continued Professional Development – What’s on Offer?

The Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit offers a number of sessions for Continued Professional Development (CPD) covering a range of topics. We offer sessions in both English and Welsh. Welsh-language sessions will appear in Welsh on the staff training website.
In this blog post, I will detail the range of sessions on offer for you between now and January, who to contact to find out more about them, and how to book a place for a session.
Here is what’s on offer in the coming months:


  • Sessions aimed at Graduate Teaching Assistants, both on Developing your Teaching Practice and on Using MS Teams, Teaching Room Equipment & Synchronous Delivery (English and Welsh language sessions available)
  • A session on Facilitating Intrinsic Motivation in Students – the Self Determination Theory Perspective (English language only)
  • Sessions on E-Learning Essentials: Introductions to Blackboard, TurnitIn, and Panopto (the former in English, the latter two in Welsh)
  • Sessions on Creating Accessible Learning Materials, Learning Environments, and Techniques for Teaching Scientific Subjects as well as Using Jisc Online Surveys (all English language)
  • Two Academy forums on Why and How to Help Students to Reflect on Their Learning, and on Motivation Strategies for Online Learning Engagement


  • E-Learning Essentials on Moving Teaching Online and Using MS Teams for Learning and Teaching Activities (Welsh language)
  • A session on how to submit a module for an Exemplary Course Award
  • Enhanced e-learning on Using E-learning Tools for Revision Activities (English language)
  • A Mini Conference focussed on Approaches to Feedback
  • A session on Talking to students about study skills (English language)


  • E-learning Essentials on Blackboard, TurnItIn, Panopto, Component Marks Transfer, Moving to Online Teaching, and Using MS Teams for Learning and Teaching Activities (all English language)
  • Another session on Submitting an Exemplary Course Award
  • Two more Academy Forums on How can I plan Online and In Person Activities? and How can I Make my Teaching More Inclusive?

Who do I contact if I want to know more about one of these sessions?

On the staff training website (link here), click on Details to get more information on a session you are interested in. If you still have more questions, email, including the details of the session you are enquiring about (title, date, time).

How do I book a place on one of these sessions?

In the Details page for the session you are interested in, click Book here (in red) at the top of the page. Fill in your username and password and click Confirm this Booking. Currently all our sessions take place via Teams (help for MS Teams can be found here). You will receive a calendar invitation a few days before the session and a confirmation email to the address associated with the username you provide on the booking form. Done!

As you can see, there is plenty on offer to support you in delivering the university’s blended approach, both in terms of pedagogy, and in terms of technical and practical skills. We are here to help and the CPD sessions are one of the ways that we provide you with training – we look forward to welcoming you in them.

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