Supervisor Information

Congratulations to Dr Gareth Hoskins, Institute of Geography & Earth Sciences and Professor Reyer Zwiggelaar, Computer Science/Head of the Graduate School on successfully achieving, in December 2022, the UKCGE Recognised Research Supervisor award. This award is a national framework which is aligned with the University Supervisor role and supports supervisor development in the sector.

We have an internal support facility for those of you who may be interested in applying, for this award, so please contact Annette Edwards, LTEU, or Reyer Zwiggelaar for further information.

The next deadlines for UKCGE applications are 24 March and 23 June.

Also, please hold the 20 April for the 2nd Supervisory Training Day programme for this academic year, programme to be distributed in due course, which will be useful for sections of your application.

If you would like to know more about this award, please visit the UKCGE web page or there is also further information on the Graduate School web pages