The Exemplary Course Award – Streamlined Application Process

Annually, the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit run the Exemplary Course Award, which recognises the very best practice in using Blackboard. This blog post details changes we have made to the process, when dedicated training sessions will be run, how and why to apply, and when the deadline for applications is.
To get an idea of what an ECA-winning module might look like, you can view last year’s winners’ module walk-throughs here (Lara Kipp, in English only, and Rhianedd Jewell, in Welsh and English).

Recognising the particular challenges of this academic year, we have put our heads together to streamline the process in the hopes that even more applicants submit their modules for consideration. The process is still rigorous and detailed, but we have made some key changes to encourage as wide a range of applications as possible.

What has changed?
• You can now submit in two different formats: either a written narrative of up to 500 words, or a Panopto recording up to 4 minutes in length.
• We have streamlined the form in such a way that applicants only need to tick whether a criterion is fulfilled or not – no need to agonise over how many points to award yourself.
• We have integrated the criteria weighting into the form, meaning applicants do not need to calculate scores anymore.

How do I apply?
• Download the ECA form here
• Fill in the form with your details and insert either a 500 narrative or a link to a 4-minute Panopto video
• Submit your form by the deadline.

This academic year’s deadline is 12pm (midday) on the 1st of February 2021.

How can I get help with my application?
The Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit is running dedicated training sessions to support ECA Applications:
• 10-11:00 on the 2nd of December 2020
• 14-15:00 on the 21st of January 2021

You can book your place for these online training sessions here.

Why should I apply?
The ECA offers an opportunity
• for you to reflect on your Teaching and Learning practice
• to enhance your module to reach exemplary standard
• to receive feedback from the panel on how the module can be developed in the future
• to share best practice across the institution

Further, the ECA can
• feature in your Effective Contribution Scheme
• act as a springboard to Blackboard’s Exemplary Course Programme (link here)

If you have any questions about the award or the application process, please contact the Learning and Teaching Enhancement unit. We look forward to your applications!

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