University Mental Health Day: Digital Wellbeing Resources

It’s #UniMentalHealthDay today! A day to bring together the University community to make mental health a University-wide priority.

An important element of the Jisc Digital Capabilities Framework is Digital Wellbeing, a term used to describe the impact that technologies and digital services can have on people’s mental, physical, social and emotional health.

Here are some short videos and courses that we’ve pulled together from LinkedIn Learning that could be of benefit to both staff and students on digital wellbeing, mental health and wellbeing in general.

  1. Supporting your mental health while working from home (17 minutes)
  2. Wellbeing in the workplace (23 minutes)
  3. What is mindfulness? (7 minutes 8 seconds)
  4. Sleep is your Superpower (34 minutes)
  5. Balancing Work and Life (28 minutes)
  6. De-stress meditation and movement for stress management (36 minutes)
  7. How to set goals when everything feels like a priority (15 minutes)
  8. How to manage feeling overwhelmed (43 minutes)
  9. How to support your employees’ wellbeing (34 minutes)
  10. Mindful Stress Management (36 minutes)

If you need support remember there are a range of services able to help.

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