Training for Academic Staff: Introduction to the Digital Discovery Tool

The Digital Skills Team will be delivering training sessions in September 2023 for academic staff who will be supporting their students to review their individual Digital Discovery Tool reports, and facilitating conversations with students about digital skills in general.

Online sessions will be available in Welsh and English on the following dates:

  • 12 September ’23 (10:00-11:00): Introduction to the Digital Discovery Tool (Book here)
  • 12 September ’23 (14:00-15:00): Cyflwyniad i’r Offeryn Darganfod Digidol (Book here)
  • 18 September ’23 (10:00-11:00): Cyflwyniad i’r Offeryn Darganfod Digidol (Book here)
  • 20 September ’23 (15:00-16:00): Introduction to the Digital Discovery Tool(Book here)

For all enquiries, please contact the Digital Skills Team (

Attention All Staff 📣 – Introducing the Digital Skills Library!

Yellow and Blue banner with laptop, AU logo, and the text Digital Skills Library

The Digital Skills Team are happy to announce the launch of the Digital Skills Library for staff. The Digital Skills Library is an online collection of specifically selected AU and external resources to help all staff develop their digital skills. This includes ways to support your digital identity and wellbeing, guidance surrounding learning and development such as CMS instructions, advice to improve your digital communication and much more.  

The Digital Skills Library is available to all staff to develop their digital skills. However, in addition to this, we also have specific resources to help with teaching including Blackboard advice, LibGuides and resources to support online teaching.  

Visit the staff Digital Skills Library today!  

If you have any questions, issues accessing the Digital Skills Library, or suggestions for new resources, please contact the Digital Skills Team at

Microsoft PowerPoint Tips and Tricks 💡

Blogpost by Jeffrey Clark (Student Digital Champion)

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Like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint is another Microsoft application you’ve probably used before. Planning for delivering a presentation can be daunting and even a frightening task for some, as not only do you have to speak in front of your fellow students, but your PowerPoint presentation will also be on full display. But, have no fear as this blogpost will give you some valuable tips and tricks to help turn a good presentation into a GREAT presentation!

Tip 1: Inserting Excel data into PowerPoint

If your presentation requires you to show data from an existing Microsoft Excel document, there is an easy way to display it within PowerPoint.

  1. On the slide you want your data to appear on, go to Insert > Object
  2. From the Insert Object window, select Create from file > Browse > then select the Microsoft Excel file where the chart you want to include is located > OK
  3. This will automatically insert both the data and chart from your Microsoft Excel document
  4. You can edit this data directly within your PowerPoint document by double-clicking on the chart on your slide
  5. Click outside of the chart when you are finished, and PowerPoint will produce a chart with your Excel data!

Tip 2: Inserting a YouTube video in PowerPoint

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