Learn to code FOR FREE with Code First Girls! ⚡

Have you ever wanted to learn how to code? Well now you can do so, for free, by taking full advantage of our partnership with Code First Girls! We’ve listed 5 reasons below why you should make the most of this wonderful opportunity.

Please note that Code First Girls is open to women and non-binary people. If you are not eligible to undertake the courses offered through Code First Girls, there are many other free opportunities available, including coding challenges and courses with CoderPad and GitHub in LinkedIn Learning.


If you have any questions about the courses available with Code First Girls, please contact them directly.

Text-only version:

5 reasons you should sign-up to Code First Girls. Take advantage of Aberystwyth University’s partnership with Code First Girls and start your coding journey today!

  1. An incredible opportunity for women and non-binary individuals to learn how to code
  2. It’s 100% free!
  3. It’ll give you confidence, whether your a coding newbie or expert
  4. Access top employment opportunities with global brands such as NatWest, Nike and BT
  5. Extend your network and meet new like-minded friends!

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