Test your understanding of AI with the Jisc Digital Discovery Tool!

A new ‘Digital Skills in AI and Generative AI’ questionnaire for students and staff is now available in the Jisc Digital Discovery Tool. This new questionnaire will help you to self-assess and develop your knowledge of AI in the following seven areas:

  1. AI and digital proficiency
  2. Responsible AI
  3. AI and digital productivity
  4. AI and information and data literacy
  5. AI and digital communication
  6. AI and collaboration and participation
  7. AI and digital creativity

After answering a series of questions, which takes around 10-15 minutes, you will receive a personal report which will include:

  • An overview of your confidence with AI
  • Suggested actions to take
  • Links to useful resources, curated by Jisc’s National Centre for AI, to help you develop your knowledge of AI

Click here to access the Digital Discovery Tool platform, and watch the short video below to learn how to access this new questionnaire ⬇

If you have any queries about this new questionnaire, please contact the Digital Skills Team (digi@aber.ac.uk), or come along with your questions to one of our weekly drop-in sessions!

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