AU Graduates Digital Skills Profile Series – Week 8 (Manon Rosser)

Today we’re publishing our last digital skill profile with a recent AU graduate! Today we’ll hear from Manon who studied History and Politics at Aberystwyth, and now works as a translator. She shares how useful it had been for her to learn how to use Cysill and Cysgeir whilst at University, but how she wishes she had learnt how to use Excel, as it’s a software she uses regularly for her work.

If you would like to learn more about using Cysill and Cysgeir, and about working in Welsh on your computer more generally, read our recent blogpost. If you also interested in developing your proficiency with Excel, you can view this Excel Tips and Tricks collection from LinkedIn Learning.

Keep your eyes peeled in October 2024 as we’ll be publishing a new Employer Digital Skills Profile Series!


When did you graduate from AU? 2022

What did you study? History and Politics

What are you doing now professionally since graduating? I now work for Cambrian Training Company as a translator

What digital skills do you use in your work?

Digital participation – “I have a lot of meetings online, and we use Google Meet for these.”

Digital proficiency – “Being a translator, I use programmes like Cysgeir and Cysill quite a lot. I also use online dictionaries like Byd Termau Cymru and Geiriadur yr Academi.”

Digital communication – “I use Gmail every day for emailing colleagues.”

Digital productivity – “I use labels in Gmail to help me organise my emails.”

Did you receive any support with your digital skills at Aberystwyth University?

“I received a lot of support from my lecturers and from the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol to learn how to use Cysill a Cysgeir.” “My lecturers gave me a lot of support with how to use the reading lists on Blackboard. That really helped me with finding resources to write my essays.”

Are there any digital skills you wish you had learnt before you graduated?

“When I left University, I wasn’t very confident communicating over email in a professional manner, so it would have been good to be able to practise this more before leaving.” “We use Excel a lot at work to manage data. I didn’t use Excel at all as part of my degree, but it would have been really useful to have the opportunity to learn how to use it.”

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