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Blogpost by Joel Williams (Student Digital Champion)

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To accompany a blogpost that I published last week on how you can use time management tools to help you master your schedule, I’ve created an infographic (text version below) which summarises some of the key strategies and tools that have worked for me.

Text version:

Mastering Your Scheduleย – By the Student Digital Championsย 

As assignment deadlines, begin to creep closer, it can quite quickly start to feel a bit overwhelming. However, with the right preparation, you can significantly increase your chances of success. 

These steps will help get you there: 

  1. Make Note of Deadlines. 
  • Note down the assignment’s due date (Typically found in module handbooks). 
  • Decide how much time is needed to complete the work. 
  • Plan a day to start working on the assignment. 
  1. Schedule Your Day 
  • Plan your tasks for the day. 
  • Make sure to factor in breaks. 
  • These daily goals can be a broad or as focused as you’d like. 
  1. Working in a Group 
  • Aim to coordinate as early as possible. 
  • Set deadlines together. 
  • Divide up the workload. 
  • Use the Hugh Owen Library group work rooms. 
  1. Using Software 
  • Notion can be used to record assignment deadlines. 
  • Google Tasks and Microsoft-To-Do can help you to divide tasks up by day. 
  • Use Teams to help you organise your group meetings and tasks. 

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