DigiTip 4 – Increase your productivity whilst helping the planet with the Forest App 🌱

Do you want to increase your productivity whilst helping the planet? The Forest App will help reduce your procrastination and distractions whilst giving you the extra incentive to stay productive, by growing trees and earning virtual coins to unlock new plants depending on how long you have stayed productive for.

As your forest grows, you can see what your focused time distribution looks like over time, with various detailed charts included in the app. 

With the Forest App partnering with a real-tree-planting organisation, when users spend their virtual coins on planting new trees, the Forest team can donate to the real-tree-planting organisation to create planting orders!

You can download the Forest App through the App Store on iOS and Android devices. 

For a quick preview, take a look at these screenshots to see what the Forest App may look like on your mobile device.

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