DigiTip 2 – Check your Welsh text using the Cysill app ๐Ÿ“

Cysill is part of a language software package called Cysgliad that you can download on your PC, and Cysill will be able to identify and correct Welsh-language errors in your text. You can use the online version of Cysill, but you can check your text much easier if you download the app (how do I do that?).

Once youโ€™ve downloaded the Cysill app, take a look at the video below or follow these instructions: 

  • Open the Cysill app and your Word document (or wherever your Welsh-language text is located) 
  • Highlight the text you want Cysill to check 
  • Type Ctrl+Alt+W on your keyboard (this will copy and paste your text directly into Cysill)ย 
  • Check all the errors that the app suggests need changing 
  • Click Cywiro (Correct) if youโ€™re happy with a correction that the app suggests
  • Once youโ€™ve worked through all the suggestions, the app will automatically copy and paste the corrected text back into your Word document 

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