Ten Top Library and Information Services Tips

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Starting university can be a daunting and navigating the IT side of things can be confusing. We’ve therefore put together a collecting of helpful links and videos to cover any questions you may have about our IT and library services at Aberystwyth University.

Tip1: Where is everything in the Hugh Owen Library? Watch this virtual library tour:

Tip 2: Which buildings on campus have student printers? Here is the location of all printers on campus.

Tip 3: How do I print from a university printer? Watch this short demo video:

Tip 4: How do I top up my AberCard? Log into your account here to top up your AberCard.

Tip 5: How do I take a book out from the library? Watch the video below to see how:

Tip 6: Where can I study in the library? There are a variety of silent, individual and group study spaces available in the Iris de Freitas Room and on Levels E & F of the Hugh Owen Library.

Tip 7: Can I connect my own laptop to a second computer screen in the library? Yes, you can, watch the video below to learn how:

Tip 8: How do I use the click and collect service in the library? Watch the video to see how:

Tip 9: Where can I find information on referencing and other study skills for my specific subject? Take a look at our subject LibGuides for information on referencing, plagiarism, dissertation writing, employability and so much more!

Tip 10: Where can I find free online content to help me develop new skills and interests? Try out LinkedIn Learning, an online learning platform with over 16,000 courses. To get you started take a look at this collection on extra-curricular activities for students.

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