LinkedIn Learning resources to help you prepare for your exams

The examination period can be a stressful time for most students. Here are some short videos and courses that we’ve pulled together from LinkedIn Learning to help you develop skills to prepare and revise more efficiently for your exams. A number of these skills will also be beneficial for your studies in general, in addition to helping you to improve your digital wellbeing. 

  1. Overcoming procrastination (19 minutes)
  2. Improving your Memory (1 hour 29 minutes)
  3. Learning speed reading (58 minutes)
  4. Time Management Tips for students (2 minutes 59 seconds)
  5. Note-taking techniques (4 minutes 9 seconds)
  6. Improving your memory (1 hour 29 minutes)
  7. Creating a study plan (1 minutes 59 seconds)
  8. Taking strategic breaks while studying (2 minutes 14 seconds)

All Aberystwyth University students and staff have free access to LinkedIn Learning. Visit this blog post to learn more about LinkedIn Learning. Login instructions can be found here and follow this video to learn how to get started with LinkedIn Learning. 

Here are some general FAQ’s to help you during exam time

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