Develop your skills over the 12 days of Christmas!

All staff and students at Aberystwyth University have free access to LinkedIn Learning, a third-party E-learning resource. Activate your account before 10 January 2022 and you will automatically be entered into a raffle where you will have the opportunity of winning one of two £25 gift vouchers. 

Take a look at the variety of courses and resources available in LinkedIn Learning. There’s something for everyone – you can learn how to master Excel or the piano, get tips on the most common interview questions and even train your brain for happiness!

We’ve listed 12 courses for you to explore over the 12 days of Christmas:

  1. The pursuit of happiness: how to train your brain for happiness. (Length: 54 minutes) 
  2. Learning Excel 2019 (Length: 1 hour 7 minutes) 
  3. GarageBand Essential Training: capture your musical vision (Length: 4 hours 4 minutes) 
  4. Expert tips for answering common interview questions (Length: 1 hour 14 minutes) 
  5. Drawing Foundations Fundamental  (Length: 2 hours 24 minutes)
  6. Being an effective team member (Length: 31 minutes) 
  7. Introduction to photography (Length: 1 hour 52 minutes) 
  8. Managing your personal finances (Length: 1 hour 4 minutes) 
  9. Designing a presentation (Length: 56 minutes) 
  10. Piano Lessons: Teach yourself to play (Length: 1 hour 54 minutes)
  11. Project management foundations: small projects (Length: 1 hours 29 minutes)
  12. Building self confidence (Length: 18 minutes)

We would also like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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