AU Graduates Digital Skills Profile Series – Week 2 (Korneliusz Smalec)

Our second graduate in our Digital Skill Profile Series is Korneliusz who has been working on a portfolio of work for a career following on from his degree in Film Making at AU. He wished he had been made more aware of the importance of your digital footprint while at university and next week on Wednesday 9 November we have an event on Improving your digital footprint and your online shadow as part of our Digital Skills Festival (6-10 November 2023). For more information, and to book your space on any event at the festival, please have a look at the programme

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Text version:

When did you graduate from AU?

What did you study? – Film making

What are you doing now professionally since graduating? “I’ve been creating a portfolio of my work, updating my CV, making business cards, getting a driver’s licence and done some volunteer work like helping with event photography”.

What digital skills do you often use? –

Digital creativity- “I am pretty proficient in photoshop, editing software, film and video editing software and screenwriting software like Trelby”.

Data literacy and digital proficiency- “I used Excel to gather and present data from a talent show and then counted the data. I feel confident in basic computer skills and I prefer to Google any problems first before going to an IT specialist so also digital problem-solving”.

Information Literacy – “I learnt how to Google things efficiently by using keywords”.

Digital footprint- “I try to be mindful about my digital footprint and not give Google too much information, I pride myself on how little information google has on me! I don’t use TikTok either because of security concerns”.

Are there any digital skills you wish you had learnt before you graduated?

“In an ideal world it would be great to know how to take full control of your digital footprint but I can appreciate this isn’t really possible. But maybe it would be a good idea to have mandatory programmes for online security and privacy and how the things you say online can be used in the future”.

Where did you learn these digital skills?

“I mainly learnt about all the different digital creation software at university and I utilised my student discount to get things like Adobe Cloud. I learnt how to use quite a lot of programmes by just playing around and watching a few tutorials”.

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