Welcome to our new Student Digital Champions!

A warm welcome to our new Student Digital Champions who joined the Digital Capabilities Team at the start of September! They will be working with us this semester to encourage students across the university to develop their digital capabilities and to provide valuable insights into what support students want.

Laurie Stevenson (Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences)

“Hello, I am Laurie Stevenson and I study Wildlife Conservation. I am currently undertaking a yearlong research placement focusing on the growth of duckweed as future sustainable protein source and agent for cleaning agriculture wastewaters. My specific interests lie within sustainable and environmental food production and solutions to feed a growing global population under the challenges of global poverty and climate change.

I chose to be a Student Digital Champion because I was looking for something creative to do outside of the lab and I really enjoy creating online content and communicating with other students. I really engaged with and appreciated a lot of the digital content and communication put out by the university in my second year and so I would love to pay that back and make a positive difference to student experiences through this role. I really love Aberystwyth University and I am passionate about helping others to feel the same! In my spare time I enjoy cold-water swimming all year round, I am learning Welsh and I also enjoy road tripping and visiting new places in my car that I have converted into a mini campervan.” 

Jeffrey Clark (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)

“Hello everyone, my name is Jeffrey Clark, and I am in my third year currently studying English Literature & Creative Writing. When it comes to English Literature there are lots of different topics to learn about, but my main interest is journalism and I hope to use the skills I have learnt at Aberystwyth University to foster a career as a news reporter or editor.

I chose to be a Student Digital Champion because of my interest in communication as well as my passion for helping others. Creating content is something I greatly enjoy so it brings me great joy to share that content with you all. With the contributions of my fellow Student Digital Champions and myself, we hope to improve Aberystwyth University for everyone.  My hobbies include hiking, running, playing video games, pub quizzes, reading, and writing.  Hope to see you on campus!”

Urvashi Verma (Faculty of Business and Physical Sciences)

“Hello, I am Urvashi Verma and I am a Masters degree student (Computer Science). My specialisation is Statistics for Computational Biology and I have a keen interest in Bioinformatics. I applied for this role because it was a great opportunity to meet and interact with new people. I was previously the academic representative for my year (2021-22), and this provided me with valuable experience in communicating with fellow students, collecting their feedback, and representing their views at the SSCC (Staff Student Consultative Committee) meetings.

I want new students to love their Aber experience and I will continue to support them throughout this term as a Student Digital Champion. Apart from this role, I am also the PG faculty officer for FBPS (2022-23). My hobbies are swimming and travelling, and I am also learning to row with the Aberystwyth University boat club.” 

Keep an eye out over the next few months for lots of exciting content that the champions will be publishing, both on this blog and also across Information Services’ social media channels!

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