AU Graduates Digital Skills Profile Series – Week 6 (Gabriela Arciszewsk)

This week we have the profile of Gabriela who has been studying for a Masters in Biochemistry since her time here at Aberystwyth University. Read how she’s made use of her free access to LinkedIn Learning to develop her skills in R (a programming language) and to develop her photography skills, one of her hobbies.

Visit this webpage to learn more about LinkedIn Learning and how you too can activate your free account.

Text only:

When did you graduate from AU? 2022

What did you study? – Biochemistry

What are you doing now professionally since graduating? “I am doing a master’s degree in Bioinformatics at Cardiff University.”

What digital skills do you use in your MSc? –

Digital creation- “so using PowerPoint and Excel to present data and information.”

Digital learning- “mainly using language programmes, I used R in my undergrad degree but I don’t think I learnt enough and I was only taught the basics so I’ve used LinkedIn Learning to develop those skills.”

Information and Digital Literacy- “I use Google Scholar a lot and also ChatGPT which has a good side as well as a bad one and my computer science lecturer actually recommended it for when you don’t know what the command line is doing or if you are unsure of what a command does it can be really useful for rephrasing information to help you understand it better.”

Communication and Collaboration- “I use LinkedIn for networking and to find jobs because lots of people look for and advertise jobs in the online space now so it is like the Facebook of the job world.”

Are there any digital skills you wish you had learnt before you graduated?

“I’d have liked more help with R, most of the content during your undergrad is very general and non-specific but I guess that’s where LinkedIn Learning helps to get those in-depth skills.”

Where did you learn these digital skills?

“I learnt a lot of them during my undergrad and with each module you would learn digital skills but for things like R I used LinkedIn Learning and I have also used it to develop my hobbies because I’m really into photography. I only found it late into my undergrad and I wish I’d have known about it sooner.”

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