Benefits of the Refurbishment

Hello again!

You may have noticed a flurry of activity out the back of the Hugh Owen building this week. We have taken delivery of the furniture and the newly refurbished space is really beginning to take shape.

As we come closer to our launch date (Wednesday the 3rd of January) a reminder of the benefits of the refurbishment:
We will be increasing user space from:

  • 21 Computer Study Spaces
  • 24 Group Study Spaces
  • 21 Flexible/relaxed seating spaces
  • To:

  • 22 Computer Study Spaces (including height adjustable desk for wheelchair users)
  • 76 Group Study Spaces
  • 26 Flexible / relaxed seating
  • This is an 88% increase in study spaces for you on Level D.

    We have re-purposed back office spaces and stores to create:

  • A vending area for you to enjoy hot and cold drinks and cold snacks. This space will also be complimented with a vending machine for supplies of stationery.
  • Brand new gender neutral facilities on Level D.
  • Brand new disabled facilities, which in addition to the work the University has undertaken on the Piazza now makes Level D far more accessible.
  • Two new Group Study Rooms for up to six users and includes high spec PCs and large screen monitors.
  • We have improved ventilation, heating and lighting replacing dated systems with more energy-efficient modern systems, which saves both money and the environment as well as creating a more pleasant working environment for both students and the staff who work on Level D.

    A reminder that we re-open Level D again on Wednesday January 3rd at 8:30am.. We hope to see you then and look forward to hearing your feedback on this space.

    Ceiling tiles and Information Services User Survey 2017

    Dear library users!

    Great news – the lighting and air conditioning is now installed and our crew is putting ceiling tiles in the ceiling frame.

    On a different note, we would like to encourage all students and staff to feedback to us all your suggestions, likes and dislikes in this year’s Information Services User Survey:

    We want to know what you think about your library, the Level D refurbishment and also the services we provide.

    We wish you a good week,
    Ania and Arfon

    Updates! Group study room and gender neutral toilets.

    Hello all!

    Level D refurbishment progress is stepping up fast. Every week we see things changing and beginning to take shape. Most recently our crew started working on:

    • Your new group study room…

    • and the gender neutral toilets at the bottom of the stairs.

    We would like to apologise once again for any noise disruption. As we mentioned in our previous blog posts, this will soon become less of an issue.

    Please check our previous posts:
    We are now undertaking work on the ceiling
    Come to celebrate Level D reopening on 3 January 2018!

    You will hear from us soon,
    Ania and Arfon

    Come to celebrate Level D reopening on 3 January 2018!

    Hello again,

    Just two weeks ago we updated you on the ceiling work undertaken on Level D (see our last post here). We are pleased to say that the noisiest work is nearly over. Spaces are really starting to take shape with fixtures and fittings now being added – take a look at some new photos below:

    • The first lamps are being installed here.

    • The refreshment area is looking good!

    We know that during the past few weeks the library was not as quiet as it usually is. Your patience and understanding will be rewarded with cake for all who come to celebrate Level D reopening on Wednesday 3 January 2018. A small formal opening by the Vice-Chancellor will take place around a week later.

    We will come back soon with new updates and photos.

    Take care!

    Ania and Arfon

    We are now undertaking work on the ceiling

    Dear students and staff,

    We hope that you all settled well in the new academic year. You might have wondered why recently the library was noisier than usual. The reason for all the disruptive drilling noise in the library is that our crew has now started working on the ceiling. They will be carrying these works over the coming two weeks. We apologise for the disruption, the noise will lessen as soon as work moves to more decorative finishing touches.

    We are working towards making our Library a modern and comfortable place to study, with the very best facilities and learning resources. Let’s now take a look at what is currently happening on Level D:


    • This will be your refreshment area, where you can socialize and have a cup of tea!

    • Currently, we are installing the drop ceiling in there.

    • Looking from the refreshment area we can see the cleaning up ready for ceiling grid and the new doorway on the left.

    • Apart from the ceiling we are also working on preparing the floor for our new carpets.

    • Completing interior walls for staffing area.

    • And font door new lobby frame.


    We are grateful for your patience and hope you look forward Level D to be re-open in January 2018.

    We will update you soon, keep checking our blog for the latest refurbishment news!

    Anna and Arfon

    How to access the Hugh Owen Library during Level D refurbishment and photos of progress

    Welcome to new students and welcome back to returning students who may be suprised to find that the original library entrance on Level D is not open and that there is a temporary entrance to the Hugh Owen Library via Level E. This is due to building work taking place over summer and continuing through this first term to refurbish Level D. A reminder of why the Hugh Owen Library Level D is being refurbished.

    To help you all find your way into the Library until Level D reopens in January 2018 please see:
    How to find the Hugh Owen Library entrance from the direction of Rosser/Parry-Williams (TFTV Dept.) direction:
    How to find the Hugh Owen Library entrance from the Piazza:

    Refurbished Level D is really starting to take shape with old office walls having been removed and new walls up and plastered, making new areas. The photos below have been taken just before the start of term, and show the new group study spaces, new Enquiry Desk area and the space leading down towards the stairs up to Level E of the library. We are very excited to see so much progress and look forward to new furniture arriving in November and seeing the space in full use in January 2018.

    Progress Report 2


    We are currently in week 10 of building works.

    In our meeting last week with the contractors, RL Davies it was confirmed that:
    • Mechanical and Electrical isolation/strip out is 100% complete.
    • Plumbing and Mechanical 1st fix is in progress.
    • Internal partitions are all boarded on one side.
    • Entrance lobby substructure has been completed. Components have been removed to create space for our new entrance. (A reminder that the entrance will be relocated to face onto the concourse)
    • Our suspended ceiling grid is due to be installed next week.
    • Work continues on the ventilation system. This new ventilation system will result in a more pleasant working environment for staff and students on Level D.

    View from old entrance facing new Refreshment Area – Before

    View from old entrance facing new Refreshment Area – Currently

    The main thing we are working on this week with our electricians and mechanical engineers, is the position of our new furniture. Following on from regular student feedback, we are endeavoring to ensure we have as many plug and USB points as is reasonable in our new space to enable you to charge your devices.

    View from old entrance – Before
    View from old entrance. Door on left of photo leads to stairs. Current view.

    Location of new entrance – before

    New entrance being build on left side of photo. Current view

    We have also had very successful meetings with our colleagues in the Design Studio. Again, following on from student feedback, we are hoping to have some very beautiful murals and wallpaper in our new look Level D.

    (Welsh translation to follow)

    Progress Update

    We are in week 6 of building works:

    Last week, at our regular catch up with our contractors RL Davies the following progress was reported:
    • Set up and enabling works are completed.
    • The contractors are at the end of the soft strip out and demolition phase.
    • The electrical strip out has begun and the first fix is underway.
    • The mechanical strip out is due to begin imminently.
    • A new mains board has been installed.
    We also discussed things like door locks, ceiling tiles and carpet tiles.

    This week there will be work happening on the air handling unit and the plumbing system.

    We are hoping to have more photos of the progress up soon.

    Work Begins!

    Work on the project has begun and our contractors RL Davies are in the middle of the demolition phase of the building work. It’s really exciting to see progress being made. Hoarding has gone up around the site and we have got some information posters up to ensure everyone knows what’s going on behind the barrier.

    We have also set up a display outside the temporary entrance to the library. This details the full layout of the refurbished space and also illustrates some of the furniture, colours and patterns that we will see when the work is complete.

    The demolition is the noisiest stage of the project and our contractors expect it to only last another three days or so; they are also working into the evenings to minimize noise during office hours.
    We appreciate that there has been noise disturbance during this phase and we thank everyone for their understanding and patience while we carry out these essential works.

    Here are some images of the ongoing strip out.

    Myself and Julie Hart, our Head Librarian and Project Executive, sporting very fashionable safety gear, on our way down to visit our contractors.

    Finding the entrance to the Hugh Owen Library

    Hello everyone,

    To help our users find the entrance to the Hugh Owen library during the refurbishment Ellie Downes, our wonderful library assistant, has made some videos which show exactly how to find us.

    How to find the Hugh Owen Library entrance from the direction of Rosser/Parry-Williams (TFTV Dept.) direction:

    How to find the Hugh Owen Library entrance from the Piazza