[:en]Benefits of the Refurbishment[:cy]Manteision y Gwaith Ailwampio[:]

[:en]Hello again!

You may have noticed a flurry of activity out the back of the Hugh Owen building this week. We have taken delivery of the furniture and the newly refurbished space is really beginning to take shape.

As we come closer to our launch date (Wednesday the 3rd of January) a reminder of the benefits of the refurbishment:
We will be increasing user space from:

  • 21 Computer Study Spaces
  • 24 Group Study Spaces
  • 21 Flexible/relaxed seating spaces
  • To:

  • 22 Computer Study Spaces (including height adjustable desk for wheelchair users)
  • 76 Group Study Spaces
  • 26 Flexible / relaxed seating
  • This is an 88% increase in study spaces for you on Level D.

    We have re-purposed back office spaces and stores to create:

  • A vending area for you to enjoy hot and cold drinks and cold snacks. This space will also be complimented with a vending machine for supplies of stationery.
  • Brand new gender neutral facilities on Level D.
  • Brand new disabled facilities, which in addition to the work the University has undertaken on the Piazza now makes Level D far more accessible.
  • Two new Group Study Rooms for up to six users and includes high spec PCs and large screen monitors.
  • We have improved ventilation, heating and lighting replacing dated systems with more energy-efficient modern systems, which saves both money and the environment as well as creating a more pleasant working environment for both students and the staff who work on Level D.

    A reminder that we re-open Level D again on Wednesday January 3rd at 8:30am.. We hope to see you then and look forward to hearing your feedback on this space.
    [:cy]Helo eto!

    Efallai eich bod wedi sylwi ar brysurdeb mawr y tu ôl i adeilad Hugh Owen yr wythnos hon. Mae’r dodrefn wedi cyrraedd ac mae’r ardal newydd yn dechrau dod i drefn.

    Wrth i ni nesáu at ein dyddiad lansio (dydd Mercher 3 Ionawr) dyma nodyn i’ch atgoffa am fanteision y gwaith ailwampio:
    Bydd yn cynyddu’r lle i ddefnyddwyr o:

  • 21 Ardal Astudio gyda Chyfrifiadur
  • 24 Ardal Astudio i Grwpiau
  • 21 lle eistedd hyblyg/hamddenol
  • i:

  • 22 Ardal Astudio gyda Chyfrifiadur (gan gynnwys desgiau sy’n gallu newid uchder ar gyfer defnyddwyr cadair olwyn)
  • 76 Ardal Astudio i Grwpiau
  • 26 lle eistedd hyblyg/hamddenol
  • Dyma gynnydd o 88% mewn ardaloedd astudio i chi ar Lawr D.

    Rydym wedi defnyddio ardal y staff i greu:

  • Ardal i chi fwynhau diodydd poeth ac oer a byrbrydau oer.
  • Cyfleusterau niwtral o ran y rhywiau newydd sbon ar Lawr D.
  • Dwy Ystafell Astudio i Grwpiau ar gyfer gweithio ac astudio mewn grwpiau.
  • Rydym wedi gwella’r awyriad, y gwres a’r golau i greu amgylchedd gwaith mwy pleserus i’r myfyrwyr a’r staff sy’n gweithio ar Lawr D.

    Dyma nodyn i’ch atgoffa ein bod yn ailagor Llawr D eto ddydd Mercher 3 Ionawr am 8:30yb. Gobeithio y gwelwn ni chi bryd hynny.


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