Iris De Freitas refurbishment focus group 12/02/2019

A focus group has been held on the planned refurbishment of the Iris De Freitas room. Six participants joined staff and the architects who are working on the refurbishment to talk through the current plans. The focus group session helped to gather student feedback along with surveys and the post-it note board in the Iris De Freitas room that have already been collected. More information can be found at:

The aim of the focus group was to gauge the opinions of students, asking for their views about the current stage of the planning process.
The architects explained their plan by showing a walk through presentation of the current plans for refurbishment. Members of staff then asked the participants for their views, the key topics covered were
– Group Study rooms
– Quiet zones
– Vending machines
– Whiteboards
– Furniture
– Study space
Some of the current plans include 3 new group study rooms, sufficient desk space to work with laptops these desks will be equipped with plug sockets as well as USB ports. More detail of the refurbishment plans will be released Mid-March, after the tender.

If you have any feedback concerning the refurbishment please share this with us by emailing –

Iris De Freitas Refurbishment

A photo of the Iris De Freitas Room.The Iris De Freitas room in the Hugh Owen Library will be closed for refurbishment from the 3rd of June. We expect to re-open the space on the 4th November 2019.

During the planning process we asked the users of the room to give us their suggestions for improvement. We have followed this feedback, which included:
– Study rooms
– More power sockets
– Vending machines
– Comfortable furniture
– Better lighting
– Plants

Student suggestions for the refurbishment.