Graduation 2022 Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th & Friday 15th July

Graduates at Aberystwyth University

Congratulations to these students who are graduating on the following days

You can read their theses in the Aberystwyth Research Portal by clicking on the links

Wednesday 13th July


Llyr Humphries ‘Studies in chromospheric and transition region events and their relationship with the corona using IRIS and AIA’

Thursday 14th July

Law & Criminology

Roger Owen ‘Dealing with child offenders: An examination of some aspects of juvenile justice systems and a proposal for reform based on the needs of the individual child’

Megan Talbot ‘A comparative examination of methods of legal recognition of non-binary gender and intersex identity’

Biological, Environmental & Rural Sciences

Nick Dimonaco ‘ORFs, StORFs and Pseudogenes: Uncovering Novel Genomic Knowledge in Prokaryotic and Viral Genomes’

Friday 15th July

Geography & Earth Sciences

Rachel Lilley ‘Rethinking Government Capacities to Tackle Wicked Problems: Mind, Emotion, Bias and Decision-Making. An Experimental Trial using Mindfulness and Behavioural Economics’

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