Graduation 2022 Friday 8th July

Graduation in the Great Hall

Graduation ceremony

Congratulations to the following students who graduate today!

You can read their theses in the Aberystwyth Research Portal by clicking on the links

English and Creative Writing

Morgan Davies ‘The Burning Bracken: A Novel with Accompanying Critical Commentary’

Elizabeth Godwin ‘Poetry and the Architecture of Imagination’

Robert Jones ‘Lain Beside Gold’ Narrative, Metaphor and Energy in Freud and Conan Doyle’

George Sandifer-Smith ‘The Stone Bell (Creative Writing Project) & Accompanying Critical Commentary: Temporality, Place & Memory’

International Politics

Abigail Blyth ‘The British Intelligence Services in the public domain’

Karijn van den Berg ‘Making sense of personal environmental action: A relational reframing through the study of activists’ experiences’

Theatre, Film and Television Studies

Paul Jones ‘Heterotopic  Frictions: Visually Problematising Identity, Territory and Language from an Anglo-Welsh Perspective’

Jamie Terrill ‘An Investigation of Rural Welsh Cinemas: Their Histories, Memories and Communities’