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07/10/2015 Update to Materials: Extract from work on Meirion Jordan’s Moonrise: War and Conflict by Dr Matthew Jarvis
30/08/2015 Final Update to Reviews
30/08/2015 Final Update to Collections
30/08/2015 Added Interviews with Nia Davies and Zoë Skoulding on Poetry Wales
30/08/2015 Update to Materials: Interview with Robert Minhinnick
14/08/2015 Added Interview with Emily Hinshelwood
12/08/2015 Added Interview with Kristian Evans
20/07/2015 Added Interview with Andrew McNeillie
13/07/2015 Update to Materials: Extract from work on the poetry of Nerys Williams: Writing the ‘Collapsed Lyric’ by Dr Matthew Jarvis
03/07/2015 Added Interview with Gwyneth Lewis
22/06/2015 Update to Materials: Extract from work on the poetry of Rhian Edwards – Language Matters by Dr Matthew Jarvis
18/06/2015 Added Interview with Anna Wigley
16/06/2015 Update to Collections
10/06/2015 Update to Reviews
03/06/2015 Update to Materials: Extract from work on the poetry of Dai George
02/06/2015 Update to Materials: Extract from work on Jonathan Edwards’s poetry of place by Dr Matthew Jarvis
27/05/2015 Added Interview with Deryn Rees-Jones
20/05/2015 Added Interview with Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch
13/05/2015 Update to Collections
07/05/2015 Update to Reviews
06/05/2015 Update to Reviews
23/04/2015 Update to Reviews
25/03/2015 Update to Collections
17/03/2015 Update to Reviews
27/02/2015 Added Interview with Fiona Sampson
09/02/2015 Added Interview with Sarah Corbett
18/01/2015 Update to Collections
14/01/2015 Update to Reviews
19/11/2014 Update to Reviews
19/11/2014 Update to Collections
12/11/2014 Added Interview with Zoë Skoulding
11/11/2014 Update to Reviews
14/10/2014 Added Interview with clare e. potter
07/10/2014 Added interview with Jonathan Edwards
30/09/2014 Added Interview with Patrick McGuinness
10/09/2014 Added Interview with Anna Lewis
29/08/2014 Added Interview with Zoë Brigley
18/08/2014 Added Interview with Philip Gross
09/07/2014 Added Interview with Joe Dunthorne
09/07/2014 Update to Reviews
09/07/2014 Update to Collections
24/06/2014 Added Interview with Dai George
24/06/2014 Added Interview with Nia Davies
24/06/2014 Added Interview with Kate North
22/05/2014 Update to Reviews
08/05/2014 Update to Collections
01/05/2014 Update to Reviews
01/04/2014 Added Interview with Ian Gregson
01/04/2014 Added Interview with Katherine Stansfield
01/04/2014 Added Interview with Jasmine Donahaye
06/02/2014 Added Interview with Tiffany Atkinson
06/01/2014 Update to Collections
06/01/2014 Update to Reviews
10/12/2013 Added Interview with Damian Walford Davies
10/12/2013 Added Interview with Rhian Edwards
10/12/2013 Update to Reviews
22/10/2013 Added Interview with Richard Marggraf Turley
22/10/2013 Added Interview with Matthew Francis
14/10/2013 Added Interview with Meirion Jordan
14/10/2013 Added Interview with Pascale Petit
01/07/13 Added ‘Graphic Thinking‘ document to Materials
14/05/13 Update to Critical Commentary
08/05/13 Update to Reviews
08/05/13 Update to Collections
30/04/13 Update to Context: Wales and Devolution bibliography page: commentary added for Martin Johnes, Wales since 1939 (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2012): Chapter 14, ‘”A Nation once again.” 1997–2009’ (pp.412–42) and Conclusion, ‘Wales 1939–2009’ (pp.443–8)
27/04/13 Update to Critical Commentary
25/04/13 Update to Reviews
25/04/13 Update to Collections
27/03/13 Video: Gregynog 2013 – contributions from Professor M. Wynn Thomas, Professor Damian Walford Davies, Dr Neal Alexander, and PhD student at Cardiff University, Emma Schofield
22/03/13 Initial upload of Critical Commentary
21/03/13 Mapping Poetic Emergence 1.0
07/03/13 Devolved Voices Conference Poster
07/03/13 Devolving Poetry: Questions, Directions
06/03/13 Videos: Meet the Team
04/02/13 Bibliography: Context – Wales and Devolution
21/12/12 Bibliography: Reviews
21/12/12 Bibliography: Collections
11/12/12 Reviewing the Culture