Iris de Freitas refurbishment details

We’ve just received a summary of the many improvements being made in the Iris de Freitas room in the Hugh Owen Library – we hope you’re as excited as we are!

There will be:
• 44 study desks, each with their own PC. Two of these will be height adjustable
• 140 desk spaces, with two of these also to be height adjustable
• 21 “relaxed” seats, many with adjacent laptop tables

• 3 bookable group study rooms, with a 30-person total capacity, each with a large screen PC, large table and whiteboard (GSR 6 seats 8, GSR 7 seats 10, and GSR 8 seats 12)
• 2 bookable study carrels, with two spaces each (four total), one PC and whiteboard in each, and height-adjustable desks
• The Hermann Ethé room will have a teaching podium, flexible seating, a noticeboard and a large whiteboard. The capacity will be 20 seats for structured learning, and first-come, first-served at other times

• Mobile glass whiteboards for use throughout the space
• 2 printers/copiers
• Vending machines, including a water refill station, a snacks machine and a hot drinks machine
• Access to gender neutral toilets

• An increased number of power points and Wi-Fi coverage
• Heating system overhauled, for warmer all-nighters!
• New windows have been installed to conserve heat and reduce glare. These windows also incorporate a built-in ventilation system, where the vents will open and close automatically as conditions dictate.
• A new ceiling has been built to help stop heat loss. The ceiling also incorporates a new LED lighting system that adjusts in the main areas to save energy. This is manually adjustable in study rooms.
• New flooring and complete redecoration throughout
• The area is now accessible, due to the installation of a new lift to this level.

Here are some images of what the space will look like after all the work has been done, and photos of the recently installed windows and flooring. Please let us know if you have any comments!

the new windows, tinted and heat reflective
The shiny new windows! Tinted and heat-reflective to reduce glare and save energy
architect sketch of the fixtures and lights
Sketch of the relaxed area
architect sketch of the fixtures and lights
Some of the design features
the relaxed seating area
The relaxed seating
architect's sketch of iris de freitas from the corner
View from the corner
architect's sketch of the room from above
View from above
architect's sketch of the room from above
A bird’s eye view
wooden design features
Design features
new flooring and windows
Brand new flooring and windows

Iris de Freitas refurbishment update August 2019

The Iris de Freitas room is coming along nicely, the new windows having recently been installed. The windows facing West (on the front of the building) are tinted and heat-reflecting, which will make the room a more comfortable space for all. It’s planned to be reopened in November, and we’re all very excited to see the changes!

new windows delivered, ready to unpack
The new windows, waiting to be unpacked
empty space where the new windows will go
Ready for the new windows to go in
From outside, the East-facing windows are to go in next
You can see some of the new windows looking through the building (we should have more photos for our next post)