Group Project Blog: Week 5

The first week of taking over as full-time project leader and honestly I don’t feel like I’ve done as much as I should of. Most of my working hours for the week have been in meetings coordinating and reviewing work and I find out last minute that work assigned in a meeting I didn’t take part in hasn’t been done due to a communication issue and hasn’t been followed up on until it’s too late. I think I really should be a part of every meeting that the group holds now even if I’m not directly involved in the work (I probably should have been doing that from the beginning).

I’ve also tried creating a table of all tasks, their due dates, and dependencies. I tried asking everyone in the group to send me a list of tasks they needed to do for their part of the project as well as any work they might need from other parts to complete theirs, the few that responded didn’t give much detail so I decided to create it from scratch. I feel like I have pretty good lists for UI, testing, and design spec but I’m struggling to split the info on the coding and Java FX into their own categories. I also tried creating a Gantt chart for the project but I haven’t made one in years and my first attempt is a mess. I’ll want to create another iteration before I want to show it off.

We also received feedback on the UI docs this week, looks like I made some stupid mistakes. We’ll go through the feedback at our Wednesday meeting and I’ll fix the docs next week.

Hours worked:
Wed-2 hour
Fri-1 hour
Tuesday-2 hours

Group Project Blog: Week 4

After our Wednesday meeting, we arranged a meeting for Friday where I could receive feedback on the UI documents I had created and make adjustments before submission. We also planned on covering the QA summary during the Friday meeting but Alex our QA manager was unable to make the meeting. After receiving feedback and having it pointed out to me that my Use Case Document did not follow the layout and structure requested in SE.QA.02 I made the adjustments over the weekend ready for a final document review meeting on Monday before the documents were submitted. One of the seqa docs says that for any review meeting the project manager (me), the QA manager (Alex), and the Author (also me in this case) should be present, I invited Peter and Bartosz to take part as well as Bartosz also worked on the UI design and Peter could act as the Project manager rather than me pulling double duty. Sadly Alex was unable to make it again and we had to reschedule for Tuesday where we finally got the meeting done and the documents submitted. After the meeting, I asked Alex if him missing meetings was going to be a recurring issue and if so would it be best if someone else would be better suited for the role (I understand his time difference and I don’t blame him but I would also like to solve this issue now rather than later when someone else taking over the role would be a bigger task). I asked him to have a think about his position and we can discuss it more formally after our tutorial meeting on Wednesday.

Group Project Blog: Week 3

In the previous week’s meeting, we began to decide on our project leader and quality manager as well as a deputy for each of those roles. I was given the role of project leader while peter became my deputy. while I haven’t really started to fully take on the project management role but me and peter took part in multiple meetings with Dan and Rowan to review the work done on the architecture side of the project and talk about what needs doing to get them back on track. My main task for this week was to create the first version of the Use Case Document to be presented during next week’s meeting, which I can then receive feedback on both the document and the presentation and spend next week improving the documents so that they are ready for the due date. Once the UI documentation has is ready for submission I intend to move into a more full-time project management role and help out where I can while organizing and keeping track of everyone’s work.

Group Project Blog: Week 2

I spent most of the start of week 2 taking part in meetings with other members of the group who were in charge of other parts of the project to discuss the UI design and how it relates to their work. I had a meeting with the testing team on how to create tests around the initial UI design we had created rather than just general tests and I had a meeting with the architecture team on what features we wanted to implement in the UI so they could find the appropriate libraries we would need. I have done further work on the UI presentation to display the user’s experience when performing each of the programs main function, I am unsure about some of the parts of the presentation as the slides do repeat themselves and my notes are a little more than “brief”; SEQA4 is quite vague about details of the online presentation so I want to ask Laurence about it in our next tutorial. I over-promised on the amount of work I would achieve this week as I haven’t started officially on the use-case document so my personal goal for next week is to at least create an initial version of that using the UI notes I have created.

Group Project Blog: Week 1

SO a quick summary of what occurred in week 1. Got assigned our group on Wednesday, I was honestly surprised that there were 9 in our group. After the tutorial was over and we had been assigned our roles we created a discord server for the project and set up git hub for file sharing, we had some issues getting git hub working for everyone so that ended up taking probably close to 2 hours. Me and Bartosz have been assigned to working on the User Interface, we had a meeting on Thursday where we decided that Bartosz would get started on the UI PowerPoint presentation and I would work on the Use Case Document. On Thursday I also spent 2 hours creating a UI notes document where I went through all the UI related documents and noted down all of the important information such as design and function spec requirements, this doc clearly states everything the UI requires and me and Bartosz can use it as a good basis to work from (I’ll link it in the blog). The group has agreed to do weekly meetings every Wednesday and we seem to have already managed to get ourselves reasonably organized so I’m feeling confident.

UI notes:
UI notes