Group Project Blog: Week 11

With the program, itself submitted we focused on the final documents that had to be written before the final submission on Wednesday. We did have a slight scare last week after the codes submission as Bartosz noticed that a last minute change to the program caused it to crash if it was run with certain values to the variables. I brought this up to Chris and asked if we could use a previous version of the program for our demonstration whch he was completely fine with.
We delegated the documents so those that worked on the test spec in the planning stage created the test report, I wrote the end-of-project report and the rest of the group focused on the maintenance manual with each person working on one to two sections of the document. A final disappointment occurred in the group this week sadly as Peter informed me that Dan did not show up online at all on Tuesday, did not respond when messaged, and hasn’t submitted the part of the document that he was assigned to work on. The missing work has been picked up by other members of the group and the document should still be completed on time. We have a final meeting arranged for 2 hours before the submission time for final checks and then this projec will be done.
Work done this week:
Wednesday: 4 hours
Thursay: 4 hours
Friday: 4 hours
Monday: 3 hours
Tuesday: 5 hours