[:en]Group Project Blog: Week 5[:]

[:en]The first week of taking over as full-time project leader and honestly I don’t feel like I’ve done as much as I should of. Most of my working hours for the week have been in meetings coordinating and reviewing work and I find out last minute that work assigned in a meeting I didn’t take part in hasn’t been done due to a communication issue and hasn’t been followed up on until it’s too late. I think I really should be a part of every meeting that the group holds now even if I’m not directly involved in the work (I probably should have been doing that from the beginning).

I’ve also tried creating a table of all tasks, their due dates, and dependencies. I tried asking everyone in the group to send me a list of tasks they needed to do for their part of the project as well as any work they might need from other parts to complete theirs, the few that responded didn’t give much detail so I decided to create it from scratch. I feel like I have pretty good lists for UI, testing, and design spec but I’m struggling to split the info on the coding and Java FX into their own categories. I also tried creating a Gantt chart for the project but I haven’t made one in years and my first attempt is a mess. I’ll want to create another iteration before I want to show it off.

We also received feedback on the UI docs this week, looks like I made some stupid mistakes. We’ll go through the feedback at our Wednesday meeting and I’ll fix the docs next week.

Hours worked:
Wed-2 hour
Fri-1 hour
Tuesday-2 hours[:]