[:en]Group Project Blog: Week 7[:]

[:en]As mentioned in last week’s blog the group wasn’t as productive as usual because of the assignment due on Monday. Despite this, we still help our usual meetings including the after tutorial meeting, design spec feedback meeting, and design spec review meeting. aside from a few late arrivals to meetings, there were no issues with any group members and the project is keeping up with our timetable (if not a little ahead in some areas). I have continued to create a full breakdown of coding tasks and begun adding them to my Gantt chart, but at this rate, the coding section has been worked on I feel like anything I create will be closer to a rough guideline than a strict schedule (certainly not a complaint). I’m still aiming to complete it as it would be good to help us keep track of our remaining tasks and help with deligation.

Hours worked:
Wednesday: 2 hours
Friday: 1 hour
Monday: 1 hour
Tuesday: 2 hours[:]