[:en]Group Project Blog: Week 1[:]

[:en]SO a quick summary of what occurred in week 1. Got assigned our group on Wednesday, I was honestly surprised that there were 9 in our group. After the tutorial was over and we had been assigned our roles we created a discord server for the project and set up git hub for file sharing, we had some issues getting git hub working for everyone so that ended up taking probably close to 2 hours. Me and Bartosz have been assigned to working on the User Interface, we had a meeting on Thursday where we decided that Bartosz would get started on the UI PowerPoint presentation and I would work on the Use Case Document. On Thursday I also spent 2 hours creating a UI notes document where I went through all the UI related documents and noted down all of the important information such as design and function spec requirements, this doc clearly states everything the UI requires and me and Bartosz can use it as a good basis to work from (I’ll link it in the blog). The group has agreed to do weekly meetings every Wednesday and we seem to have already managed to get ourselves reasonably organized so I’m feeling confident.

UI notes:
UI notes[:]