[:en]Group Project Blog: Week 2[:]

[:en]I spent most of the start of week 2 taking part in meetings with other members of the group who were in charge of other parts of the project to discuss the UI design and how it relates to their work. I had a meeting with the testing team on how to create tests around the initial UI design we had created rather than just general tests and I had a meeting with the architecture team on what features we wanted to implement in the UI so they could find the appropriate libraries we would need. I have done further work on the UI presentation to display the user’s experience when performing each of the programs main function, I am unsure about some of the parts of the presentation as the slides do repeat themselves and my notes are a little more than “brief”; SEQA4 is quite vague about details of the online presentation so I want to ask Laurence about it in our next tutorial. I over-promised on the amount of work I would achieve this week as I haven’t started officially on the use-case document so my personal goal for next week is to at least create an initial version of that using the UI notes I have created.[:de][:]