[:en]Group Project Blog: Week 4[:]

[:en]After our Wednesday meeting, we arranged a meeting for Friday where I could receive feedback on the UI documents I had created and make adjustments before submission. We also planned on covering the QA summary during the Friday meeting but Alex our QA manager was unable to make the meeting. After receiving feedback and having it pointed out to me that my Use Case Document did not follow the layout and structure requested in SE.QA.02 I made the adjustments over the weekend ready for a final document review meeting on Monday before the documents were submitted. One of the seqa docs says that for any review meeting the project manager (me), the QA manager (Alex), and the Author (also me in this case) should be present, I invited Peter and Bartosz to take part as well as Bartosz also worked on the UI design and Peter could act as the Project manager rather than me pulling double duty. Sadly Alex was unable to make it again and we had to reschedule for Tuesday where we finally got the meeting done and the documents submitted. After the meeting, I asked Alex if him missing meetings was going to be a recurring issue and if so would it be best if someone else would be better suited for the role (I understand his time difference and I don’t blame him but I would also like to solve this issue now rather than later when someone else taking over the role would be a bigger task). I asked him to have a think about his position and we can discuss it more formally after our tutorial meeting on Wednesday.[:]