[:en]Group Project Blog: Week 6[:]

[:en]This week hasn’t been too eventful, though it has left me with some concerns. I’ve acted on the comments we received on the UI documents and made the proper adjustments, I have a good breakdown of all the tasks for each aspect of the project except for the final coding. I’m debating whether or not to create a general Gantt for the project and then Gantt charts for each aspect. Either way, I think it’s going to turn out pretty messy. From my regular little updates with Peter, it sounds like the design spec is now making good progress (If Peter wasn’t our best coder I think he would have made a better group leader).
My biggest concern is now with QA management and Alex and Dan. Despite being given clearly laid out tasks and being reminded multiple times over the week they still haven’t (at the time of writing) updated their blogs or done it to a standard that I can see Laurence deeming acceptable. I need to come up with a strategy for handling them as reminders on discord don’t seem to work. My current plan is on Wednesday to move him off of QA management and back onto design spec and once the design spec has been submitted possibly take Alex off of QA too and put Peter in charge of it. If peter takes more of an overview role during the coding phase I believe it will give us a better chance of maintaining a proper coding standard across all of our work.
I’ve spoken with most of the members of our group and the majority of us have an assignment due for next Monday, I probably won’t be expecting too much group project work done for at least the first half of next week because of it.
Hours worked:
Wednesday: 2 hours
Friday: 1 hour 30 minutes
Sunday: 1 hour
Monday: 1 hour
Tuesday: 1 hour 30 minutes[:]