Group Project Blog: Week 3

In the previous week’s meeting, we began to decide on our project leader and quality manager as well as a deputy for each of those roles. I was given the role of project leader while peter became my deputy. while I haven’t really started to fully take on the project management role but me and peter took part in multiple meetings with Dan and Rowan to review the work done on the architecture side of the project and talk about what needs doing to get them back on track. My main task for this week was to create the first version of the Use Case Document to be presented during next week’s meeting, which I can then receive feedback on both the document and the presentation and spend next week improving the documents so that they are ready for the due date. Once the UI documentation has is ready for submission I intend to move into a more full-time project management role and help out where I can while organizing and keeping track of everyone’s work.