Group Project Blog: Week 9

Things have been relatively quiet on the group project side this week, I believe most people (myself included) have assignments nearing their due date and have had their attention focused elsewhere. My contribution for this week was editing the 30 exercise videos recorded by peter to be put into the program, the work wasn’t hard but it was long and tedious as each video needed to be cut down, doubled so that it would play well in a loop, and rendered at a lower resolution to reduce the overall file size. even with those changes, all the videos come to a total of close to 400MB. We are currently missing 2 videos that peter has yet recorded but with the robotics assignment due on Friday I’m not expecting them until next week. Once I have received them I’ll need to re-edit all the videos again as Bartosz has asked if we can have versions without and audio. Fun.

Hours worked:
Thurs – 4 hours