Week 11

During this week I have spent quite a bit of time working on the Maintenance manual Document. Monday I spent my time getting my parts done and allocating everyone on my small team their parts. Once all the other people’s work was done I was able to slowly add it to the Latex Document for final completion for Wednesday. I spent the Weekend beforehand to make sure all the work for the improvements was complete before Monday. Tuesday I split the groups up into two partners for the remaining three points. This was done swiftly while working in teams. One of our members Dan did a no show which made everyone’s work even harder as we all had to do overtime for the work he hadn’t done for the last two days, this took us several hours to catch up on. The work is finally ready for a final review before the submission time of 1 pm on Wednesday the 5th. Wednesday morning we spent our time from 11 am making sure all the documents were up for presenting standards and uploaded them to git lab on time when they were ready.
Weekend Document Work: 1 hour
Monday Document Work: 6 hours
Tuesday Document Work: 9 hours
Wednesday Document Work: 3 Hours
Total Time: 19 hours

Week 10

During integration week we have been having daily meetings at 10 AM to set tasks for the day then reporting the following morning. Once we’ve seen what has been done then we can move on to new tasks. Throughout the week I have mainly been working on re-doing some of the videos and making the missing ones. I then proceeded to upload them so Aaron could come and edit the videos. This led me onto my next tasks by sorting all the video names and descriptions. I had to make sure they were in the correct order first then add a simple but detailed description. I then started helping Nathan with his part of the Project to then finish it by the end of the day. The following day, me and a few others combined our work from all our separate coding tasks. This took a few hours but in the end, we got them all compatible and working in one program. After this, I have been working on producing audio clips and working with the coder team to get the program at the highest standards before we upload it as the final update. Thursday I spent my time help finalise the code before we start writing our JUnit tests which have all been thought out, we just need to write them. This shouldn’t cause changes to the code as we have done our own personal checks, we just need to implement that in JUnit as an official test. Finally, we have completed all tests and uploaded our work to GitLab.

Meetings: 5 hours
Recording: 2 hours
Uploading: 30 minutes
Naming and descriptions: 1 hour
Aiding Nathan: 2 hours
Combining code: 4 hours
Updating and finalize code: 6 hours
JUnit Testing: 4 hours

Total Hours: 24 Hours 30 Minutes

Week 9

I haven’t done much due to me mainly concentrating on my robotics assignment. I have added a few missing videos and preparing to work on integration for the following week.

Video Adding: 30 mins
Prep work and seeing what’s to do: 30 mins

Total time: 1 hour

[:en]Easter Holiday[:]

Over the Easter holiday, our whole group had a few small tasks to complete, which in my case was to record the 30 exercises, warm-ups and cooldowns. Once recorded I sent them to Aaron to edit and then I would go over them and rename them when he finished. Apart from that I mainly spent my time on other modules such as the robotics one so I could go over my assignment during my holiday.

Finding and researching the correct Exercise: 1 hour
Recording Videos: 1 hour

Total Time: 2 Hours

[:en]Week 7[:]

[:en]This week hasn’t too eventful in terms of quantity of work. This was because of the assignment due in for Artificial Intelligence, that over half the group had, on Monday the 15th of March. Apart from that, some work was done on the design spec document throughout the week after some feedback from Wednesday’s meeting. This was initially reviewed on Friday to have a look at the new work produced and see if we can spot any mistakes and grammar issues in the entire document. After our review meeting, some people in the team including myself spent time working on those improvements for Mondays initial design spec meeting. Before the design spec final review meeting on Monday, we spent a couple of hours working on the JavaFX code to clean it up as well as set tasks for the whole team to do for Saturday 20th. After this meeting we were supposed to start the design spec meeting, however, some complications arose and therefore we decided to move the meeting to 11:00 the next day. On Tuesday we spent a couple of hours reviewing the document making sure everything was perfect and dropping notes for all the mistakes that needed to be changed before release. After the meeting witnessed by the project leader and QA manager me and another team member set off to finalise the document, once this was completed I uploaded the document to GIT lab to be seen by Chris when he gives us our review.

Meeting: 2 hours (1 with Laurence and 1 afterwards)
Design Spec work: 3 hours
Friday Review Meeting: 2 hours
Monday Coding Meeting: 2 hours
Tuesday Design Spec Final Review: 2 hours
Design Spec Amendments: 2 hours

Total: 13 hours[:]

[:en]Week 6[:]

[:en]Finished up the slides for the architect team on Monday after having a review session with the whole team indicating what has gone well, what is still missing and what to improve on. I was disappointed with the amount of work everyone has done as I left them plenty of time but everyone decided to work on it last minute which isn’t very good when so far behind. I have stated clear new instructions to be completed by Wednesday before the big meeting. Still poor communication around the team, but I believe this is slowly improving just like the architect document. I have also had a review meeting with Bartosz to see how his work is coming along and as usual, he has done a lot more than I expected which is fantastic and was really proud to show his work in Wednesday’s presentation. On Wednesday I had an extra meeting after the two usual ones to ask if I could use the test spec team for a while until their feedback returns. For an hour we went through roles for the new architect team to develop for Friday so we can continue pushing the document up to a good working standard. Thursday morning I worked on developing my part of the document, 4.2 Significant classes, and finished for the meeting review on Friday. Friday we went over everything everyone has done, Rowan and Alex made a no show again which is starting to cause concerns for the group. Andreas was kind enough to let us know he couldn’t make it which was greatly appreciated. During the meeting, we went over all the work completed and improve any mistakes people have done. We set small tasks to complete over the weekend to be checked Monday for a final review before Wednesday’s session. Had a session with Andreas and Rowan to see what was done and both had nothing done again. So we went over what to do specifically and made sure both of them worked together. Monday comes and the work was finally complete so we set a meeting to go over all the new work done and how it all looks combined. We cleaned the code up a little to make it more readable to the coder. Finally, we set the tasks for Tuesday to do so we can have a presentable document for Wednesday. In Tuesday’s meeting, we had a look at what was done and Rowan and Andreas did a great job. We then as a group with Bartosz went over and spent 4 hours to clean the code up completely, Javadoc following seqa9 guidelines.

Meeting: 2 hours (1 with Laurence and 1 afterwards)
Monday Architect Meeting: 3 hour
Bartosz Meeting: 2 hours
Architect Work: 2 hours
Wednesday architect meeting: 1 hour
4.2 Significant classes work: 2 hours
Friday Meeting: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Sunday Meeting: 2 hours
Latex Work: 1 hour
Monday Meeting: 1 hour
Tuesday Meeting: 4 hours

Total: 21.5 hours[:]

[:en]Week 5[:]

[:en]I have moved on to the architect team to really push the team into developing their work so we can catch up because we are really far behind and I want this part of the project to be back on track by next week Wednesday. I developed meetings with JavaFX and the architect team to fully develop the project even if I am not hands-down involved in both, mainly putting a bit of work in both and organising both teams. I later had a review meeting about the test spec team to give constructive feedback on their end as well. Once the meetings were over I started working on the slides assigned to me on the Architect side while managing JavaFX.

Meeting: 2 hours (1 with Laurence and 1 afterwards)
Architect Meeting: 2 hours
Bartosz Meeting: 2 hours
Architect Work.: 4 hours
Review Meeting for test spec: 1 hour

Total: 11 hours[:]

[:en]Week 4[:]

[:en]This week I start to add more to the JavaFX program with Bartsoz cleaning up code, creating new drafts, making new bugs and starting to do research closer to the actual UI. Me and Bartosz have to start doing the architect code behind the JavaFX to actually develop the code since the architect team is quite behind on their work. I have discussed this with the project leader and I plan on temporarily leaving the JavaFX team to help catch up with the Architect team while still managing JavaFX to make sure that the team can still continue to develop. We also did some reviews of the UI document so Aron could have some constructive feedback. I haven’t done as much as I wanted this week as I began work so I to put that in my timings as well. I set a meeting for the architect to follow so when the next Laurence meeting shows they should have a lot of work completed hopefully catching up on peoples work. Finally, I also do an hour worth of research on colours for the program so it’s user friendly to all users such as colour blind or autistic.

Meeting: 2 hours (1 with Laurence and 1 afterwards)
JavaFX Work: 5 hours
Review Meeting: 1 hour
Bartosz Meeting: 2 hours (Multiple over the week)
Meeting with Project Leader: 30 minutes
Architect team meeting: 2 hours
Colour Research: 1 hour

Total: 13 hours 30 minutes[:]

[:en]Week 3[:]

[:en]Me and Bartosz start to develop the JavaFX and create a few drafts, starting to make an actual exercise program that works. However, we have a lot of bugs in the code which we end up fixing. Creation of the history and creation of the routines are being added. I also change the way I write my JavaFX to scene builder to make it coder friendly. So I decided to watch some videos on learning how to use the program. I also set a lot of mini-meetings so we have consistent development of the JavaFX program.

Meeting: 2 hours (1 with Laurence and 1 afterwards)
Learning Scenebuilder: 3 hours
Development of JavaFX: 6 hours
Bartosz Meeting: 2 hour

Total: 13 hours[:]

[:en]Week 2[:]

[:en]I have created some example slides based on the brainstorming I have done the previous week, I used some of my previous work so I could use that as a template. I also spent the week re-teaching myself JavaFX spending a few days re-learning. During the week I had a meeting to showcase some of my early work before continuing that for the rest of the week. Near the end of the week, I join up with Bartosz later in the week to start helping me with the development of JavaFX.

Meeting: 2 hours (1 with Laurence and 1 afterwards)
Re-learning JavaFX: 5 hours
Creating new slides: 3 hours
Bartosz Meeting: 1 hour

Total: 11 hours[:]