Week 10

During integration week we have been having daily meetings at 10 AM to set tasks for the day then reporting the following morning. Once we’ve seen what has been done then we can move on to new tasks. Throughout the week I have mainly been working on re-doing some of the videos and making the missing ones. I then proceeded to upload them so Aaron could come and edit the videos. This led me onto my next tasks by sorting all the video names and descriptions. I had to make sure they were in the correct order first then add a simple but detailed description. I then started helping Nathan with his part of the Project to then finish it by the end of the day. The following day, me and a few others combined our work from all our separate coding tasks. This took a few hours but in the end, we got them all compatible and working in one program. After this, I have been working on producing audio clips and working with the coder team to get the program at the highest standards before we upload it as the final update. Thursday I spent my time help finalise the code before we start writing our JUnit tests which have all been thought out, we just need to write them. This shouldn’t cause changes to the code as we have done our own personal checks, we just need to implement that in JUnit as an official test. Finally, we have completed all tests and uploaded our work to GitLab.

Meetings: 5 hours
Recording: 2 hours
Uploading: 30 minutes
Naming and descriptions: 1 hour
Aiding Nathan: 2 hours
Combining code: 4 hours
Updating and finalize code: 6 hours
JUnit Testing: 4 hours

Total Hours: 24 Hours 30 Minutes

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