[:en]Week 7[:]

[:en]This week hasn’t too eventful in terms of quantity of work. This was because of the assignment due in for Artificial Intelligence, that over half the group had, on Monday the 15th of March. Apart from that, some work was done on the design spec document throughout the week after some feedback from Wednesday’s meeting. This was initially reviewed on Friday to have a look at the new work produced and see if we can spot any mistakes and grammar issues in the entire document. After our review meeting, some people in the team including myself spent time working on those improvements for Mondays initial design spec meeting. Before the design spec final review meeting on Monday, we spent a couple of hours working on the JavaFX code to clean it up as well as set tasks for the whole team to do for Saturday 20th. After this meeting we were supposed to start the design spec meeting, however, some complications arose and therefore we decided to move the meeting to 11:00 the next day. On Tuesday we spent a couple of hours reviewing the document making sure everything was perfect and dropping notes for all the mistakes that needed to be changed before release. After the meeting witnessed by the project leader and QA manager me and another team member set off to finalise the document, once this was completed I uploaded the document to GIT lab to be seen by Chris when he gives us our review.

Meeting: 2 hours (1 with Laurence and 1 afterwards)
Design Spec work: 3 hours
Friday Review Meeting: 2 hours
Monday Coding Meeting: 2 hours
Tuesday Design Spec Final Review: 2 hours
Design Spec Amendments: 2 hours

Total: 13 hours[:]

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