[:en]Week 6[:]

[:en]Finished up the slides for the architect team on Monday after having a review session with the whole team indicating what has gone well, what is still missing and what to improve on. I was disappointed with the amount of work everyone has done as I left them plenty of time but everyone decided to work on it last minute which isn’t very good when so far behind. I have stated clear new instructions to be completed by Wednesday before the big meeting. Still poor communication around the team, but I believe this is slowly improving just like the architect document. I have also had a review meeting with Bartosz to see how his work is coming along and as usual, he has done a lot more than I expected which is fantastic and was really proud to show his work in Wednesday’s presentation. On Wednesday I had an extra meeting after the two usual ones to ask if I could use the test spec team for a while until their feedback returns. For an hour we went through roles for the new architect team to develop for Friday so we can continue pushing the document up to a good working standard. Thursday morning I worked on developing my part of the document, 4.2 Significant classes, and finished for the meeting review on Friday. Friday we went over everything everyone has done, Rowan and Alex made a no show again which is starting to cause concerns for the group. Andreas was kind enough to let us know he couldn’t make it which was greatly appreciated. During the meeting, we went over all the work completed and improve any mistakes people have done. We set small tasks to complete over the weekend to be checked Monday for a final review before Wednesday’s session. Had a session with Andreas and Rowan to see what was done and both had nothing done again. So we went over what to do specifically and made sure both of them worked together. Monday comes and the work was finally complete so we set a meeting to go over all the new work done and how it all looks combined. We cleaned the code up a little to make it more readable to the coder. Finally, we set the tasks for Tuesday to do so we can have a presentable document for Wednesday. In Tuesday’s meeting, we had a look at what was done and Rowan and Andreas did a great job. We then as a group with Bartosz went over and spent 4 hours to clean the code up completely, Javadoc following seqa9 guidelines.

Meeting: 2 hours (1 with Laurence and 1 afterwards)
Monday Architect Meeting: 3 hour
Bartosz Meeting: 2 hours
Architect Work: 2 hours
Wednesday architect meeting: 1 hour
4.2 Significant classes work: 2 hours
Friday Meeting: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Sunday Meeting: 2 hours
Latex Work: 1 hour
Monday Meeting: 1 hour
Tuesday Meeting: 4 hours

Total: 21.5 hours[:]

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