[:en]Week 5[:]

[:en]I have moved on to the architect team to really push the team into developing their work so we can catch up because we are really far behind and I want this part of the project to be back on track by next week Wednesday. I developed meetings with JavaFX and the architect team to fully develop the project even if I am not hands-down involved in both, mainly putting a bit of work in both and organising both teams. I later had a review meeting about the test spec team to give constructive feedback on their end as well. Once the meetings were over I started working on the slides assigned to me on the Architect side while managing JavaFX.

Meeting: 2 hours (1 with Laurence and 1 afterwards)
Architect Meeting: 2 hours
Bartosz Meeting: 2 hours
Architect Work.: 4 hours
Review Meeting for test spec: 1 hour

Total: 11 hours[:]

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