Week 11

During this week I have spent quite a bit of time working on the Maintenance manual Document. Monday I spent my time getting my parts done and allocating everyone on my small team their parts. Once all the other people’s work was done I was able to slowly add it to the Latex Document for final completion for Wednesday. I spent the Weekend beforehand to make sure all the work for the improvements was complete before Monday. Tuesday I split the groups up into two partners for the remaining three points. This was done swiftly while working in teams. One of our members Dan did a no show which made everyone’s work even harder as we all had to do overtime for the work he hadn’t done for the last two days, this took us several hours to catch up on. The work is finally ready for a final review before the submission time of 1 pm on Wednesday the 5th. Wednesday morning we spent our time from 11 am making sure all the documents were up for presenting standards and uploaded them to git lab on time when they were ready.
Weekend Document Work: 1 hour
Monday Document Work: 6 hours
Tuesday Document Work: 9 hours
Wednesday Document Work: 3 Hours
Total Time: 19 hours

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