CS221 Week 5

This week the group met for ~1 hour to discuss and give feedback on the Test Specification. A few days later the Test Spec group met with the JavaFX group to note areas in which the Test Spec disagreed with the current JavaFX build, which also took ~1 hour. I spent approx ~3 hours implementing the changes discussed in these two previous meetings. On Tuesday I spent a further hour tweaking some aspects fo the document, and then later in the day I participated in the Quality Assurance Review meeting for the Test Spec document. In total this week around 7 hours were spent working on the project.

CS221 Week 4

This week the group met to review the User Interface Presentation document and the Use Cases document. I pointed out a few details that needed addressing, and noticed that the UI Presentation needed to be updated to compy with SE.QA.02.

I did a small amount of work on the Test Specification this week. Formalised last week’s drafted tests, and ensured the Test Procedures table had a coherent Test Reference system. ~2 hours spent.

CS221 Week 3

This week, I wrote the introduction for the Test Spec. I first read SE.QA.02 to find out what should be included in the introduction, and how it should be structured. After that, I spent a few hours drafting an intro into the test spec .tex file. I also added a subsection detailing how the Test Spec should be used. Lastly I wrote drafts for 10 or so possible tests that could be added to the Test Spec. ~2 hours spent.

CS221 Week 2

During the second tutorial meeting, sub-groups assigned to tasks presented what they’d worked on so far.

Nathan screenshared our first draft Test Spec with the group. Laurence advised that the questions we had concerning our task be taken to Chris Price. On Thursday I met with Nathan and Aaron, we discussed what aspects of UI would need to be written into the Test Spec.

We were tasked for the following week to continue working on the Test Spec. Feedback from Chris Price caused us to rethink the structure of the Test Spec, in that tests should be written to naturally follow on from each other. Following this, I began work on the Test Spec as a LaTeX document (first refamiliarising myself with LaTeX). Next I rewrote the existing draft to reflect Chris’ feedback (which caused it to be more specific and repeatable), and then transferred the new draft to the LaTeX document.

I spent some time writing more tests into the Test Spec Doc, ensuring where possible that the Input, Output and Pass Criteria sections are specific. Last, I successfully uploaded a .tex file and a readme to the /docs folder on the group’s GitLab. ~4 hrs spent

Time spent: most of a single working day.

CS221 Week 1

Prior to the 24th Jan group meeting tutorial, I read through the Requirements Spec. During the meeting Laurence introduced the group project and discussed the nature of the weekly group meetings. The group volunteered for various tasks to report on by the next group meeting and I, along with Nathan, was tasked to start work on the Testing Specification.

I read through SE-QA-06, and then the following Tuesday met with Nathan. Following that we individually wrote out some System Tests pertaining to different FR’s, which I then compiled into a Word Document containing a first draft of the Test Spec. We noted a few questions we had concerning the tests we’d written, to be brought up in the next group meeting. Time spent: ~half a working day.