CS221 Week 6

Having submitted the Test Specification last week, Nathan and I have started to transition to new roles on the project. The element of principal concern is the Design Specification, a full draft of which we need to have ready for the next tutorial meeting.

Following the tutorial meeting of Wed 3rd we had our usual informal meeting. From this, I was assigned the task of writing the Introduction section of the Design Spec. I first thoroughly read the SE.QA.05 document to get an understanding of the contents and purpose of the Design Spec. During the weekend I spent a couple of hours writing an Introduction draft. After that I had a short (20 min)meeting with some group members where I showed my work, and we further discussed the Group’s plan for the Design Spec.

It will likely be another week before we recieve feedback on the Test Spec, so I expect to be assigned further tasks related to the Design Spec following the next tutorial meeting. Approximately 3.5 hours spent working this week.

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