CS221 Week 7

Prior to the weekly tutorial, the group received feedback on the submitted Test Spec. Much of it referred to QA matters. Besides that the major concern was discord between the Test Spec and the UI Documents, which was amended by Aaron updating the UI Documents. After the weekly tutorial, the group had a particularly long (2-3 hrs) in which we chiefly discussed the Design Spec. I was assigned to help Nathan with composing Component Diagrams for the document.

On Friday we first compiled a list of all public Methods that are necessary in the design, and the Classes which initialise and access these methods. Nathan formed that list into a draft of component diagram using Adobe Photoshop, which I then formalised into proper UML using draw.io. This took around an hour.

The same day, the group had a review meeting for the Design Spec, presenting the work we had done. Following that meeting, my next task was to continue the progress that Bartosz had made on Sequence Diagrams for the Design Spec. Initially I was to modify the existing sequence diagram to reflect the changes made to the Use Cases in the UI Doc, but we decided the original diagrams were satisfactory. So, I made an additional diagram demonstrating the process of pausing/unpausing in the program. After that, I wrote short summaries describing each of the sequence diagrams we had made. Including time taken to further familiarise myself with the code, I spent approx 3hrs on this task.

On Tuesday, the group held the QA Review meeting for the Design Spec. I attended, and spent additional time after the meeting proofreading the doc and helping to configure the LaTeX file. Time spent: approx 3 hrs.

Total time spent this week: ~10 hours.

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