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Staying Safe Whilst Travelling

I’ve recently started to solo travel and I’ve had to relearn everything I thought I knew about staying safe whilst travelling. My old trick of standing in a pair facing each other so you can watch your companion’s bag is no longer useful, nor can I share items to reduce luggage. But whether wandering round… Continue reading Staying Safe Whilst Travelling

International Office - Aberystwyth University

Playing at Being a Grown-up

This is it! The INSUP course has finished and tomorrow I will be starting my foray into the world of actual grown up people work where I will be responsible for others and it will actually matter if I don’t understand what they say!!! I’m panicking, there’s no other word for it. But in true… Continue reading Playing at Being a Grown-up

International Office - Aberystwyth University

I may have pickled myself: a story of wine, late nights and delicious food

Well it’s been a fairly boring Sunday so far (with the notable exception of some truly biblical rain and thunder) and as I am mere hours from bedtime, I don’t expect it to hot up too dramatically. That having been said, it is also the end to my second week here in Bordeaux. If this… Continue reading I may have pickled myself: a story of wine, late nights and delicious food

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Happy Hump Day Everyone!

  Happy hump day everyone! I’m now half way through my second week in Bordeaux and the time is flying by! Everything is new and exciting, the weather is unbelievable (even the thunderstorms are spectacular) and I’m just having such an amazing time. Apart from the weekend I got here I haven’t shed a single… Continue reading Happy Hump Day Everyone!

International Office - Aberystwyth University

The Bordeaux Saga….An Unexpected Journey

So I’ve just finished my third real day in Bordeaux (that is to say the third day of my course) and I think I’m in love! The city is so beautiful. It has everything you could hope to find in a French city with the old and quaint literally face to face with the more… Continue reading The Bordeaux Saga….An Unexpected Journey

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Lydia The Explorer….

Just had an amazing day exploring Bordeaux, I can tell this is going to be a wonderful summer 🙂 Everything in the centre is so beautiful and we managed to crack travelling by tram straight away. There are 14 stagiares from Aberystwyth (Wales) including me and we are fast becoming a new little ( well… Continue reading Lydia The Explorer….

International Office - Aberystwyth University

D-Day….My First Day In Bordeaux!

D-Day So today is the day. I’m up obscenely early after potentially the worst night’s sleep anyone has ever had. My stomach is churning and my heart is racing and I keep getting flashes of things I am likely to forget! It’s not a long flight to Bordeaux which is a relief; though part of… Continue reading D-Day….My First Day In Bordeaux!

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First time in Australia – Initial thoughts

  Hello from cold Australia. My name is Sofia and I’m a second year English and Creative writing student. I just finished my first year in Aber a few months ago – even though May now seems ages ago- and had to pack yet again to travel all the way to Australia. How I got… Continue reading First time in Australia – Initial thoughts