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Happy Hump Day Everyone!


Happy hump day everyone! I’m now half way through my second week in Bordeaux and the time is flying by! Everything is new and exciting, the weather is unbelievable (even the thunderstorms are spectacular) and I’m just having such an amazing time. Apart from the weekend I got here I haven’t shed a single tear, there just isn’t the time to miss home and, thanks to FaceTime, I can still see my family every day.

It’s been an eventful week and a half with all the regular teething problems associated with integrating into a group of people. I got some news on Friday that another stagiaire would be moving in with me! I have no real problem with having another person in the house but I was not best pleased as he made the decision without talking to me, he sprung it on me in a group so I didn’t even have the chance to discuss it frankly and even after I told him I was against the idea, he decided the ignore my feelings….but, I’m a big girl so I’ll just suck it up and carry on :p (rant over).

Went into a French supermarket for the first time this trip and it left me seriously wishing that I was self-catering as all the food looked delicious but I could only buy lunch foods :(. But I did buy as much lunch stuff as I could carry which should last me a bit.


Also today was the first day of the biannual sales in France so before class a group of us went shopping. The sales were fine but for me the most impressive thing was that Compeed had the foresight to send a team of scantily clad women in heels to Rue Sainte Catherine to dispense free blister patches! What a perfect bit of promotion 🙂

This weekend is the Fête du Vin which will be amazing and upon buying the ticket today (cheaper in advance) I was presented with a free travel pass for the weekend, a book of discounts and my very own wine glass in a really sweet little carrier which goes around your neck 🙂

All in all life is going well in Bordeaux but it’s going to be over in a flash if the last week and a half are anything to go by!

À bientôt et bisous

See You In The Next Blog!


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