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D-Day….My First Day In Bordeaux!


So today is the day. I’m up obscenely early after potentially the worst night’s sleep anyone has ever had. My stomach is churning and my heart is racing and I keep getting flashes of things I am likely to forget! It’s not a long flight to Bordeaux which is a relief; though part of me wishes it was long haul so I don’t have to speak french so soon and can use jet lag as an excuse! Anyways the shower beckons so the next time I post I shall be on the continent, in a flat in merignac.

Wish Me Luck Guys!!!


First day in Bordeaux

So I’m here, I arrived, I’m safe, the plane didn’t crash and I have woken up in a surprisingly comfortable bed in merignac ( a suburb of Bordeaux). The weather is lovely but I haven’t experienced midday heat yet so we’ll see how that goes…
I am living with a single woman, Christine, who is so far a wonderful host. My biggest worry so far is that her only shower is one of those ones which is attached to the bath tap so it may not be a refreshing as I hoped #firstworldproblems!
Going to be heading in to Bordeaux itself today to meet the other stagiares which should be fun if I can figure out the trams!
Stay tuned for an update on how my day went later this evening!


See You In The Next Blog!!

xoxo Lydia


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