[:en]First post about Software Engineering project 2021[:]

[:en]This week me and my group started to work on the project. Firstly I met with my group on Discord server and figured out how to use Git and how to add materials to GitLab repository. I also read project introduction documents. All of this in total took me about half of regular day. Me and one other person got task to read “SE.QA.04” document and to start work on material for the user interface document. We were also supposed to design some screens of application that we are going to make in the future as a group. My friend gave details on what each application’s window should contain and I created the design of the application. I also created first version of the document that contains Typical User, Use Cases and Error Conditions. All of it took me about one regular day. (So in total I spent 18 hours on the project). [:]